All Pressure/No Pleasure

I felt like I was under pressure to do a review of this song because I prefer doing album reviews, and I wasn’t sure I liked this song. Multiple listens later I have developed an appreciation for the music of Hayes & Y in their newest single “All Pressure/No Pleasure” and now it is all pleasure and no pressure to write a glowing review, I really like them now.

They come at you with a tight disco sound upgraded to the current trends in music with shimmering synths and just the right amount of bass. The bass part is important to me because I have noticed a tendency towards new music being bass-heavy and I am glad that Hayes & Y have steered clear of that obstacle.

They have a crafted a timely song that addresses the topic of being under pressure to conform to society’s expectations and finding no pleasure in following that standard. Discussing the inspiration behind their new number, frontman Blagoslav says: “I feel that’s something that has been troubling people for a long time. Conformity comes easy for some people, but others really struggle with it and find it hard to find their place in a society, where it is paramount.”

Who are Hayes & Y? I asked myself that question, and these are my best answers. The drummer is Dennis, and he is from Finland. The guitarist is from the Bulgarian cult band “Ostava”, and his name is Georgi Georgiev. There are two people named Rado and Ivo involved in the band somehow, but I don’t know their roles.

All of this matters little because what they do is the crucial part. They are Hayes & Y, and they make good music. The video is also a low budget gem, kudos to the team that made this, it is brilliant.

With three EP’s under their belt, this four-piece band have already put together and impressive CV. In 2017, they’re single ‘Always So Simple, Always So Cold’ landed the 13th spot on Spotify’s Top 50 UK Viral Chart and received support from the likes of BBC Introducing in Manchester. Last year, they released two tracks’ Safeplace’ and ‘Disaster’, both featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

Hayes & Y are no strangers to the live circuit either, having secured a slot at Bulgarian festival Spirit of Burgas, where they supported Kasabian. With their UK audience growing, the band have also performed in some of Britain’s best-loved venues, including London’s Dublin Castle and Manchester’s Night & Day Café. 

‘All Pressure/No Pleasure’ will be available to stream from 17th June 2020. If you are looking for some new music to get you up and moving today, look no further, listen to Hayes & Y, you will not be disappointed.


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