How Do You Want Me?

Some music jumps out and grabs me without so much as a proper introduction. Hello, get Miss Manners on this case. No, cancel that call, get Discogs instead because I want to add this recording to my catalogue. iTunes? Got it! Soundcloud? Got it already! YouTube? Yup! I’ve listened to them all and want to hear it again.

The music that I am talking about is “How Do You Want Me?” by Tanzos. Mik Tanzos is the creative force behind the band that he shares a name with. Breaking into the international stage after exploding out of his home in Austria, Tanzos delivers an indie/rock/grunge/alternative hit with the release of his single.

“How Do You Want Me?” opens with a full-on assault of distorted guitars and pounding drums followed soon by emotionally charged and emotive singing. Discussing the inspiration behind “How Do You Want Me?” Tanzos explains to us: “This song tries to capture an ongoing inner dialogue, which might be different for every person, but in its core; it is quite similar. Whole industries are built upon this simple question and the urge to please someone.” 

How do I want you? On any platform as long as it’s ‘How Do You Want Me?’

‘How Do You Want Me?’ is available to stream on all popular platforms.


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