Nurture/Aptitude by Hey Elbow

I have to admit that before I read the bio or listened to the music I had already for an expectation based on nothing but the band’s name, ‘Hey Elbow’. I quite imagined another “Macarena” dance craze sweeping the globe, which would be a sweet deal for the Hey Elbow, getting that kind of exposure. I suppose it could still happen; however, after listening to the song a couple of times, I don’t think it is quite as catchy as Macarena and not a dynamic in the dance part. You can decide for yourself, start the song playing, and dance along to it. How is the Hey Elbow dance done?

– Hands-on each shoulder, lift the elbow towards the sky and yell: HEY ELBOW!!

I like the music of ‘Nurture/Aptitude‘, Hey Elbows latest offering, which is a single off their forthcoming album, “WE THREE’, arriving on the 18th September via Adrian Recordings. Nurture/Aptitude’ will be available everywhere from Wednesday 17th June 2020 via Adrian Recordings. I don’t know how many times I have listened to Nurture/Aptitude, but I have not once got up from my chair put my hands on my shoulders and lifted them while shouting ‘Hey Elbow’. Perhaps we are getting in early on the dance craze of the summer of 2020, the Hey Elbow dance party.

Nurture/Aptitude opens with an interesting sound bite. I’ll let the band explain it. Speaking about the new release, the group said,“‘ Nurture/Aptitude’ is a somewhat catchy track coming from us. The song is based on a loop that we recorded by mistake in the rehearsal place. It was a vocal harmony that by accident was cut to a super short segment at the same time as a coffee cup crashed into a microphone. We can’t really remember, but the loop disappeared, and we panicked. A few months later in the studio, the loop suddenly appeared, and we could include it on the recording. It is a pop tune but needed a frame. We did a longer intro and an ambient outro. So it became a Hey Elbow song. For the impatient listener, we also did a convenient but lazy edit.”

So there you have it folks, a catchy pop tune that has potential for the band to use in live venues with the Hey Elbow movements. That would be a sure-fire way to get played over and over; at every wedding, grad party and bbq. I wish you all the best. In the meantime, I am practice in front of a mirror while playing Nurture/Aptitude over and over, and I am sure glad that it is a song that I like so I quite enjoy listening to it over and over.

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