Tony Njoku, the British-Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and producer, has released the EP Justine that includes his hit single of the same name as well three other critically acclaimed tracks. An already well established London-based, producer, singer and popular auteur Tony Njoku has released this EP hot on the heels of late-2019’s ‘Your Psyhe’s Rainbow Panorama’.


Straddling neo-soul and crippling quarter-life crisis trip-hop, he says, “This is a song about my dedication to self-examination and self-discovery. Unearthing some of my laws and inner turmoil (lack of courage, low self-esteem, etc.), and discovering what gets me going despite that turmoil. It’s an ode to beauty, to finding your ‘why’. I suppose you could call this a love song directed at the self. A ‘self-love song’.” “There’s also a strong statement being made on aesthetics and meditation (or maybe escapism). I’d say that for me, the core value of the piece comes from when I get lost in the aesthetic qualities in its content. From the pacing to the colours, the shapes, the textures and of course the sounds. It’s like making a statement on not focusing on statements, or meanings or messages. Just focus on beauty, focus on the glory and healing powers of abstractions.”

“This is a track about trusting your instincts. Having faith in yourself, and about
taking action on that self belief. To me it’s an uplifting song. Overcoming
adversity and all that wonderful motivational stuff. It’s important to share that
sort of energy, we all want to be inspired.”

I would add to focus on the ever-shifting sounds and pacing that take the listener on a ride through the world of Tony’s insecurities and his feelings of low self-worth. This EP is not an always easy listen due to the dark shadings of the lyrics, but the music tends to pull those lyrics up, and Tony has written, created and produced a beautiful little four-song EP to usher in summer. Enjoy and stay safe.


https:soundcloud.com/tonynjoku/100-for-beautr/s-wV9cHFacebook /tonynjokumusic
Twitter /anthonyasblue
Instagram /anthonyasblue
Soundcloud /tonynjoku
For more info contact james@silentkid.co.uk

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