Vera Hotsauce

I listen to a lot of music. I think it safe to say that I listen to more albums than the average person. I don’t listen to much radio, so I don’t factor that in, I am focusing on intentional listening. Pulling out a record or CD or even streaming albums with the full intention of listening to the whole album in one go. For full albums, I average about 450 to 500 albums a year. On top of that, I can add the countless singles, iTunes compilations and other bits of music here and there. I genuinely enjoy listening to music, and I do miss the live concerts.

Having said all that, I am quite pleased when I hear an artist, whose music I had never listened to before, brighten my day. I have an album like that on repeat on Apple Music as I write this. Hot n Saucy is the album, and Vera Hotsauce is the artist. She is in there with The Verve and Urban Hymns, Veil of Ashes with their album ‘Pain’, Velvet Underground & Nico, The Violet Burning, and of course, there are dozens by everyone’s favourite ‘V’ artist, Various. Vera is joining a small demographic with some good company in the “V” column.

I might have completely missed Vera Hotsauce if it hadn’t been for one song, ‘Ricochet’. Vera paints a target on the back of 6ix9ine, a wannabe musician, with a history of sexual crimes against children. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with Vera and any other artist who will call out twats like 6ix9ine. Vera aims a diss squarely at not just 6ix9ine, but also the labels, online streamers and white shirts that enable this guy to make records and videos.

Other than the standout track, Ricochet, I also got my groove going with ‘Hey Boy’, and it’s hypnotic backbeat and bass lines. Lovely, just lovely. The rest of the album gets in line behind these two standout tracks for my listening tastes anyhow. Not a bad listen at all and a socially relevant album. Vera Hotsauce shows that she isn’t just another pretty face; she is a strong woman who knows who she is, what she isn’t and how to express that through the medium of music.

This record documents Vera’s misadventures on the journey to self-actualisation. She tells us “This album tells a story about an era. I’ve made so many stupid decisions that got me so many crazy memories and took me on so many f-d up adventures.”

I have made my fair share of stupid decisions but listening to Vera Hotsauce is not one of those decisions. I rather enjoyed this album and I am totally onboard with the message. Thank you Vera.

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