Moll & Zeis

Earth felt like it was moving from the moment this LP opened with the song Earth Moves. With age comes a different worldview. It is not necessarily accurate; however, it is never the less our take on how this world and its inhabitants move forward through time and circumstances.

David Long & Shane O’Neill have cultivated that field, and the result is this gorgeous album, Moll & Zeis. I have to be honest; I had no idea what a moll or a zeis were. A quick search on the internet revealed that a moll is a prostitute and a zeis is either a fortune teller or an instrument used to harvest with, in other words, a scythe. I lean towards the prostitute and fortune teller.

‘Dreams Come’ 
‘Far From Home’ 

I like concept albums, I have been threatening to write a blog about them, and this album might be the catalyst that gets that concept moving forward. Anyhow, back to the future, and we have Moll & Zeis to entertain us. An album that I will let David Long tell you more about.

“We wanted to make an album that could and should be listened to all the way through. It was 

an equal collaboration, Shane and myself have known each other so long that there was never 

a problem editing each other if something didn’t fit with the song. We had no time restrictions, or 

release dates to go by, so we took our time with this album and thought about every aspect of 

it,” says David Long.

I found that listening to this album was better when I heard it in one go. Each song can stand on its own, but the album has a continuity that flows—everything about it flows.

Sometimes, it flows in darker places, such as in the song Far From Home, where the author confesses that they are scared of what the future might bring. During this era of Covid, that is a genuine fear for millions of people. These songs could spiral into depressing dirges if it weren’t for David Long and Shane O’Neill wrapping the pieces in gorgeous music.

What kind of music is this? That’s a fair question. The answer isn’t easy. It dances around in pop-rock but isn’t as simple as that. The depth of production takes it up and above pop. Alternative is what Apple Music calls it. That is a reasonable tag, alternative it is.

Moll & Zeis deserve the opportunity to grow and develop. A lot is going on if we take the time to listen, focused listening. Moll & Zeis is not single-use and tossed into the bargain bin music. I have had at least a dozen go-rounds and still hear fresh nuances, and I am sure that will continue each time I listen to Moll & Zeis. It is ethereal music. I love it!

As of September 10, the ‘Moll & Zeis’ EP will be available across online platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.
Earth Moves

Moll & Zeis

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