‘Never Here Always There’

Keeley presents the live performance of ‘Never Here Always There’, recorded at the Workman’s Club as part of the Dublin Quays Festival. Here they get deep and trippy with a rendition of this track from the EP that veers off in an otherwise unexpected but delightful direction. Enjoy this live performance and the full debut EP.

‘Brave Warrior’ is now available everywhere online, including Spotify and Bandcamp.

‘Never Here Always There’ (live) https://youtu.be/fkweYxOTLBw 
‘Brave Warrior’ EP order https://orcd.co/keeleybravewarrior
Bandcamp https://keeleysound.bandcamp.com/album/brave-warrior-ep
‘You Never Made It That Far’ https://youtu.be/iG2UGWK87dU   
‘Never Here Always There’ https://youtu.be/HYYj6RtOZnU
‘The Glitter and the Glue’ https://youtu.be/NQf4Cvejq-8 
‘Last Words’ https://youtu.be/zQ-deYzBmBc 

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