Collect Call Chase The Light

I have been on a bit of a hiatus in my music listening, and then this EP landed in my inbox and am I ever glad it did. I didn’t know who Collect Call was on my first listen, but since then, I now have a google knowledge base of not them, but a single person, Joseph Thorpe. A chap who hangs his hat in Brighton, England. I really must go there sometime post Covid.

On this EP, Chase The Light, Collect Call/Joseph Thorpe have created emotionally charged songs that dance around a pallet of sounds that mix piano, percussion and various electronica to create a soundscape that matches the lyrics marvellously.

I’ll let Joseph Thorpe elaborate: “The recording of this EP came at a point where I was feeling very lost as a musician and writer. I had been sitting on a large collection of songs and wanted to try every conceivable avenue I could musically that didn’t really have any sense of cohesion; I became depressed and questioned what direction I was going in, as well as the other two members of the group at the time departing the project for personal reasons.” 

“When the world plummeted into lockdowns, I began tinkering with an idea that would later become ‘Pretense.’ I had been listening to Sufjan Stevens and Kings of Convenience at the time and felt that finishing the song helped me break out of my fugue state, and I could get back into making music that I enjoyed. I then went back and whittled what originally was a 7-track EP to just 4, incorporating two old songs that I reworked and two new ideas that were all but completely recorded in one day at Brighton Electric Studios. The Golden Hour for me is a cathartic reminder of staying true to yourself, chasing the light as it fades over the hill and that sometimes less can indeed be more.” 

I like that ethos, staying true to yourself. More of that and a magical, dreamy soundscape will carry you along as you absorb this recording. It is a short and sweet ride that leaves me wanting more.

The Golden Hour‘ is out now, available digitally across online stores and streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

‘Chase The Light’



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