The Beatles On Vinyl

The Beatles have enough catalogue to deserve a blog spot of their own. I am not a completist, which means I don’t have every record of theirs on vinyl, there are some on CD, but I am saving those for another year.

The first Beatles record that I bought was Something New which I just noticed that I do not have a copy of it. I shall have to remedy that situation with a trip to Record Collectors Paradise.

A Hard Days Night is an often-overlooked album, a soundtrack and all. It does have some brilliant moments, and the litmus test is if I enjoyed listening to it or not. I liked it.

Beatles ’65 is a real gem, and I like this album front to back. I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow commentary. Suffice to say; it is gold to me.

Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). I would not be listening to this outside of my challenge.

Beatles VI. This album showcases what the Beatles probably sounded like in the Cavern. It is raw; It has energy; it has McCartney using his vocal cords in a snarl or growl. Good stuff.

That concludes the genesis of The Beatles, so now we move into the intermediate zone, the pivot point where they start playing with sound and trying new things out, including the lyrics. If I kept top album lists, Rubber Soul would be in the top 100 albums of all time. I don’t make such lists, so it is in the I liked it column. I enjoy this album for its sheer listening magnetism. Rubber Soul is 35 minutes of none stop groundbreaking music. I love it every time it lands on my turntable.

Revolver. What can I say? Taxman, Eleanor Rigby and 11 more captivating songs. Another album that broke new ground and ushered in another chapter of The Beatles’ musical journey.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band I am at a loss when making a short summation of this album. I have always enjoyed this album and continue to do so right up to today. Historically this album has been a game-changer for music. It broke new ground that opened the world of music into prog-rock, thematic albums (although that is still a hot topic), cover art, the use of electronica, and several more. An album that shook the world of pop/rock music and that reverberation is still felt today, some 54 years later. That is a good run that few other albums can boast.

Blue Albums 1967-1970

Red Albums 1967-1970

These two double albums are an excellent summary of The Beatles‘ history on vinyl—a delicious end game for a fantastic band.

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