Robin Guthrie’s Springtime

I used ‘Robin Guthrie’s Springtime‘ as the header because it is most certainly not Norman Weatherly’s springtime. ‘Robin Guthrie’s Springtime‘ may be taken as an optimistic look forward, but even that could be a long wait. It is not uncommon for winter to linger well into March, a swing month that can go either way, late winter or early spring. April holds more hope for spring weather, with the possibility of some lingering snow and the harbinger of spring more determined than previous months. May, now we are talking about serious springtime. Given the timeline I have laid out for your benefit, this EP is either too early or overly optimistic by about five months. I hope for the latter.

What can be said with certainty is that these are four darn fine pieces of sonic dreamscapes. I can get lost while doing some task with ‘Robin Guthrie’s Springtime‘ playing, and before I know it, the EP comes to an end which necessitates me hitting the repeat button. Robin Guthrie, yes, the one from the Cocteau Twins, has offered up some easy listening that hits the sweet spot. Soothing chill music to ease a troubled mind in the troubled times of Covid.

Following the late 2021 releases of the ‘Mockingbird Love’ EP, the full-length album ‘Pearldiving’ and the ‘Riviera’ EP, the new year brings yet another release by legendary Scottish music sculptor Robin Guthrie.

On January 4th, exactly sixty years after his birth, Guthrie is releasing his ‘Springtime’ EP via his Soleil Après Minuit imprint with distribution in North America via Darla and in Europe by Cargo. These four new titles were recorded in the summer of 2021, soon after completing ‘Pearldiving,’ his first album in nine years.

Springtime‘ is a standalone collection featuring Robin Guthrie‘s ever-present signature sound and atmosphere. His approach to music is perhaps more akin to that of a painter or a photographer. The adept use of light and shade, melody and counter-melody, the carefully and precisely arranged instrumentation, musical textures, and colourings give his music a depth and level of detail which marks a master artisan.

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‘Springtime’ EP
‘Riviera’ EP
‘Mockingbird Love’ EP

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