Richard Evans Sentinel

I have long had a soft spot for New Wave music and the whole scene that revolved around it. The fashion, I was into casual business, a tweed jacket over a pastel shirt with the top two buttons undone with a skinny tie worn inside the collar. Reebok sneakers for footwear and stone-washed jeans completed the dressing. The music went from American bands such as The Talking Heads to the British groups like Ian Dury and the Blockheads and spilled over into the continental scene with Kraftwerk and too many other bands to mention here.

Enough waxing poetically over the fond memories of that era. Fast forward to 2022 and a musician who captures New Wave’s ethos while sounding fresh and exciting. That artist is Richard Evans, and his newly released album is Sentinel. If I could afford vinyl, that platter would be wearing out the needle.

He not only captures the sound of the New Wave, but he also builds on the shoulders (probably padded, think David Byrne) of those who blazed the trail back in the ’70s and ’80s to offer us music that is both retro and new.

This album blows my mind. It captures the sound of the New Wave so well I keep thinking it must be from 1980 instead of today. The synth is so Gary Numan is it often unsettling. This is just one example from an album full of new waves and, at times, even post-wave and hints of New Order.

Sentinel is a strong album that I am sure will get many more spins around the imaginary turntable on my computer. Do yourself a favour and give this a listen, Sentinel by Richard Evans. The album drops on Feb. 25th; just a few more days to wait.

‘Black Rain’
Sentinel: Creating The Show
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