Telefis and Jah Wobble

Telefis and Jah Wobble release ‘Falun Gong Dancer’ EP and new video. Debut Telefis album ‘a hAon’ is out March 4. That’s the short press intro. Enough to get my attention and the itch to know what Telefis means. To understand what a Jah Wobble is. And finally, what is a Falun Gong Dancer?

I like to learn one new thing every day, sometimes more than one nugget. Today, I learned four new things. Number one is that Telefis is Irish Gaelic for Television, another good band with no connection to this blog. 

Number two is not so much learning as a remembering moment. Jah is one of the names of God and may be more familiar to you in the name of another song, Hallelujah. Which version of the song do you like? Hallelujah has been covered over 300 times. I like the Jeff Buckley version myself.

To wobble is to move unsteadily from one side to the other, to waver and a tonne of other synonyms. So Jah Wobble could be wavering in our faith in God, been there done that. Our impression of God could be that He/She/Jah wobbles and shows a lack of steadiness. The implications of the name Jah Wobble are many. Let’s let that go and focus on the music from Telefis and Jah Wobble.

Telefis and Jah Wobble have a new album out today, January 21. It is an EP, but on endless repeat, it is a mute question of whether it is an EP or an LP. Electronic duo Telefís, composed of Irish iconoclasts (more religious innuendo in that word), Jacknife Lee and Cathal Coughlan, have mixed Falun Gong Dancer with the legendary bass of Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited, Invaders Of The Heart).

Falun Gong is a relatively recent addition to the pantheon of faith movements worldwide. It originated in China in the 1990s and has since evolved into a worldwide business, media and political venture. I couldn’t find any reference to their dancing, so I can only assume that it expresses their faith through movement.

I digress. Let us get back to the music, shall we? As I said previously, I just put this EP on repeat, and I lose track of how many times I listened to it over the last day or two. I don’t exactly know what makes this EP so compelling, but it is. The anatomy of this music is almost as complicated as the meaning of Telefis, Jah Wobble and Falun Gong Dancer. The short explanation is that Telefis have a full-length album coming out this February or March. Telefis have been releasing singles and accompanying videos with various mixes. In November of 2021, I listened to and wrote about a previously dropped single,

Telefis are consistently good and play well with others. I like that, and I have my ears primed for what I anticipate will be one hell of an LP. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, listen to this EP and the other mixes from Telefis. I love the 13 minutes of mind-bending good music.

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