Lost In A Daydream

Lost In A Daydream is the second song from the album Flavor Of The Month. Dang it all, the British Canadian in me wants to spell it Flavour. I wonder if I can avoid using that word for the remainder of this blog. Yeah, O.K., the song Lost In A Daydream is a nice tip of the hat to the Beatles. It is a subtle but engaging bit of music-making—well done, Lannie Flowers. The essence of Lannie Flowers can be captured in his own words from 1986: “The two most import things in my life when I was growing up was The Beatles and the Dallas Cowboys.” Lannie Flowers is another artist that I had to search for information about since I hadn’t listened to his music until this landed in my inbox courtesy of the fine folks at www.spyderpop.com and www.bigstirrecords.com.

So here is the low down on Lannie Flowers. He is from Texas. The guitar is his weapon of choice, and Lannie Flowers makes power-pop that gets close to rock and roll at times—putting artists in a genre box, eh, what a fool’s errand. Lannie Flowers is not the fool. He is a genius at making power pop records, and this is his fifth by my reckoning.

If you want your daily dose of pop-rock, Lannie Flowers is an excellent place to listen for it. This album, the name is up above, is one of those records where I jerk my head up like a long dog on a short leash and say, “Hey, that sounds like …’;. And then I can’t quite figure out who the so and so is. Lannie is a master class on making accessible, easy pop music that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time.

What follow below is from the web of these fine folks who save me from the anguish of writing the album name in the lingua franca of the fine folks south of the 49th.

SPYDERPOP RECORDS (and our partners at Big Stir Records) are proud to announce the February 25 release of FLAVOR OF THE MONTH, a brand new album from Texas guitar pop legend LANNIE FLOWERS, on CD and all digital platforms. It’s both a completely new collection and the long-awaited physical media debut for the songs that made up Lannie’s celebrated and groundbreaking March To Home Singles Series in 2019 all newly remixed by Lannie himself and featuring the new lead single “Summer Blue.” Flavor Of The Month is up for pre-order now at www.spyderpop.com and www.bigstirrecords.com and will be streaming, as well as on records store shelves worldwide, on release day. A deluxe vinyl edition including a special bonus CD will follow later in 2022

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