Wild As Her

Step number one for becoming a country and western music star is having the correct name. Waylon Jennings works for the C/W crowd. Not so appealing is the name, Arnold Jennings. Waylon made a good call using his first name, not the middle one. Alvis Edgar Owens Jr. doesn’t have the same twang as Buck Owens does it.

Tyler Joe Miller is a good country and western name. And Tyler Joe Miller is also the title of this blog because I have been listening to his music, and it is in today’s finest country and western style.

Step number two is having a hit single on country radio, ‘Pillow Talkin” at the end of 2019 was Tyler Joe Millers’ debut single. It went straight to number one on Canadian country radio and was certified gold. Not bad for a debut, eh?

How do you top that buckle bragging? Tyler Joe Miller topped it by becoming the first independent Canadian country artist to reach #1 on Canadian country radio with his first two singles following “Pillow Talkin’ “with “I Would Be Over Me Too.”

There is no step three because country music dancing is always the two-step. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgMy5Gn84_c

Tyler Joe Miller had his third single, “Fighting” reaching the top ten country charts. Following up those three highly successful singles, Tyler Joe Miller released his fourth single, “Sometimes I Do,” another Top 5 song on Canadian country radio, from his debut EP “Sometimes I Don’t, But Sometimes I Do.”

And sometimes I Do-Si-Do.

Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley – Do Si Do (ft. Blanco Brown) (Official Music Video)

I can be a bit slow getting to the dance floor. The newest single from Tyler Joe Miller, “Wild As Her,” actually came out three days ago on February 11th. Better late than never, right?

Speaking on the single, Tyler Joe Miller tells us that “‘Wild As Her’ isn’t your typical love song; it’s the hopeful chase of a guy trying to get and keep this girl around who’s an untamable rolling stone.” Delivered in a voice that sounds as smooth as a dually on blacktop Tyler Joe Miller gives us a little slice of country heaven.

Check Tyler Joe Miller’s “Wild As Her” for your listening pleasure at any of these fine listening establishments, courtesy of   MDM Recordings.






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