An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams

Do you remember the childhood game “make you look?” What I present for you today is a twist on that cherished childhood game; it is called “made you listen!” 

An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams did that to me. I had to listen. I just had to hear what an album with that name sounded like, and once I got there, I put it on an endless loop for the evening. What we have here (hear?) is a mighty fine electronic, jazz, punk band spinning some tasteful tracks.

Then I had a new conundrum, namely, what genre is this? Electronic? Yes, but more than that. Jazz? I didn’t notice much jazz, but there is a freedom to this album reminiscent of free-form jazz, so yeah, we can go with electronic jazz music. Punk? They encompass the rawness that the best punk delivers, so let’s go with electronic, jazz-punk for now. I would add chill to that list; it certainly chilled me out listening to it. I felt like this music had elements of trance as well. 

I give up. Silent Cure has crafted an album that you have to listen to, even if it’s for no other reason than to find out what genre you would put them in.

Oh! And that album cover! Wow!

There is a lot to unpack with this release, so I will cut and paste some of the promo material that goes a long way towards explaining this musical adventure.

Danish electronic artist Silent Cure has announced his debut album ‘An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams,’ which involves vocalists from various distant shores – Spain, Italy and Canada. This long-player was mixed and mastered by Alberto Pretto at Blackhead Studios Berlin and Multi-Platinum producer-mixer Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Sia, Ed Sheridan, Moby, Bryan Adams, Sugababes, Goldfrapp).

The lead track Silent Love Song’ features Barcelona-based artist M-Ana, who contributes vocals and lyrics. This album also features several other vocalists with a palette mainly instrumental in nature. Including Vancouver songstress Elisa King, who co-wrote and sang in tandem with Silent Cure on ‘So Annoyed,’ and Italian vocalist Serena Masciarelli on ‘Settimana A Diano Marina.’

As a music producer and digital collage artist, this project entails the realization of a lover of art in all shapes, colours and sounds. This 12-track offering combines electronic music with elements from pop, rock and jazz music with notable inspirations drawn from such artists as Massive Attack, Moby, Vitalic, Ladytron, Jean-Michel Jarre and The Orb.

New only in name, Silent Cure is a veteran electronic music producer with over three decades of music-making informed by a broader grasp of and a special love for multiple genres and artists with a penchant for blurring the borders between them. The result is an album that, while diverse in scope, is still widely accessible.

“I felt it was time to move out of my comfort zone being a part of the electronic underground scene for many years and challenge myself with something new. I listen to all kinds of music at home, so the inspiration comes from many places over many years,” says Silent Cure.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Silent Cure thrives in tasteful sound designs with attention to small details. These sonic tapestries invite the listener to journey into and through various moods.

Ambient downtempo tracks like ‘Silent Love Song’ and ‘So Annoyed’ show the artist’s softer side, juxtaposed by upbeat electroclash / retrowave-inspired tracks such as ‘Synthwave Retrospect,’ ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Symphony Octobre.’ In contrast, the melancholic yet endearing ‘So Annoyed’ is about a couple that have clearly spent too much time together under lockdown conditions.

The album ‘An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams’ will be released on February 11 across digital platforms and can be ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp. A limited-edition vinyl release is anticipated at some point in future.

On February 24, 2022, at 6 pm EST, music lovers can also tune in for the ‘Silent Cure – Around The Album’ Live Stream to embark on a journey into an expansive sonic universe, coupled with some words by the artist about these tracks and how this project unfolded.


‘Silent Love Song’


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