The Caughtery

From the first notes of 99 MPH, the lead track from the debut EP of The Austin-based Americana-rock duo The Caughtery, I thought I had some excellent listening coming my way. Those tempting notes came from the talented David Gayler, multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and studio owner based in Spicewood, Texas. And the vocals were supplied by Lisa Tingle. Her resume is impressive, to say the least,

These two talented people came from the east and the west, David in New York and Lisa in California, to meet in Austin, Texas and test the musical atmosphere in that city. Hailing from opposite coasts, Tingle and Gayler grew up in musical families. Lisa and David’s shared diverse musical loves (rock, indie, fusion, jazz, blues and R&B) sparked a creative connection that led to the creation of this most excellent EP of original music.

This EP features contributions by Ricky Phillips (of Styx and previously with Coverdale/Page, Bad English, The Babys, Angel), bassist Brian Lippman and drummer Tom Brechtlein, who has performed with Chick Corea, Kenny Loggins, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Al DiMeola, Jean-Luc Ponty and Rickie Lee Jones.

“After two years of being sequestered, we are finally able to release our 5-song EP to the world. With a common thread throughout the EP and the support from our fellow musicians, each song has its own musical place and we hope you enjoy listening to them,” says David Gayler.

Ahead of their new Americana-rock focus track ’99MPH’, the duo teased two powerhouse singles – ‘Fragile’ and ‘The Uninvited.’

“The song 99MPH is about how you can control love just about as well as you can control the weather… YOU CAN’T! And how the one you fall in love with can affect you in a multitude of unexpected ways… Often times you are like a ship tossed about on the ocean, in a hurricane,” says Lisa Tingle.

Two musical soul-searchers originally hailing from opposite coasts, Tingle and Gayler both grew up in musical families. Lisa and David’s shared diverse musical loves (rock, indie, fusion, jazz, blues and R&B) sparked a genuine connection, their mutual addiction for creating unique music ultimately moving their storytelling note by note.

The duo originated in 2020 when David called Lisa to record a song that fit her vibe. What started as a one-off collaboration ultimately became this full EP of material under The Caughtery. On this debut EP, Lisa’s lyrics explore such themes as relationships, new and old, the passing of friends and the state of our world today.

Described as a mix of Robert Plant, Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin, Tingle has received multiple honours at the Austin Music Awards (Female Vocalist of the Year, Band of the Year, Best Song, Musician of the Year, Album of the Year0. She’s also toured and performed with many legends, including Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble, Eric Johnson, Stephen Bruton, Monte Montgomery and Marcia Ball.

Check them out. The Caughtery make music that is easy on the ears. They do not make cut and paste music; they are treading new musical paths worth taking the time to get to know.

‘The Caughtery’ EP order
‘The Uninvited’ video
‘Fragile’ video

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