Izzy S.O.

 Izzy S.O. came charging out of my computer speakers, aimed directly at the part of my brain that stores sticky music, conveniently located next door to my auditory cortex, the place that holds musical memory. Izzy S.O. makes music that is very listener-friendly, memorable and guaranteed to generate Involuntary Musical Imagery.

West Midlands native singer-songwriter Izzy S.O. delivers music with a style that one would expect from a recording veteran, this is her debut, and it is a keeper. Captivating listeners with her anthemic tone and lyrical originality, the London-based artist is building a reputation for her signature poetic lyricism. With a voice loaded with emotion and power, Izzy S.O. plays on heavy guitar rhythms and soft melodies that will fill you to your core. She has released her debut single, Flirting With Strangers, accompanied by live performances at some of London’s staple venues. Izzy S.O.’s debut EP ‘Can You Hear Me’ comes out on 29th June 2022 via Silent Kid Records, accompanied by a launch party at Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch on 28th June.

Izzy S.O. delivers emotionally drenched lyrics that feel so very real. They are relatable and honest, sometimes hard to hear but so relevant that I can’t stop listening. It is a bit deceptive to hear her singing a pop-oriented song until you realize that the message is more profound than the sound would suggest. It takes repeated listens to get where the music is taking the lyrics.

Speaking of the music, it is good, VG+. Piano threads its way through guitar and dances with sublime percussion. The percussion is so good it can often get lost in the mix, which it does excellently. BTW, I think Flirting With Strangers is the best track. The lyrics are deep, and the music moves the lyrics forward and drives the song home with a punch. 

The up-and-coming artist sheds light on mental health issues and the complex emotions attached to growing up while moving listeners through heartfelt tunes that give off a comforting sense of familiarity and warmth. Izzy S.O. explains creating her debut EP: “It started with me and [my producer] Dustin Doole talking at a party and promising to have a session together. I was apprehensive as although I’d left school to do music when I was young, the pressure of it had gotten too much, and I ended up backing off from it and focusing on acting.

In our first session, we worked on Lost The Feeling, and I came away re-energized and excited with a new belief that I could bring something unique to the table. The idea for Can You Hear Me came to me the night after working with Dustin on that first song, and I remember the first verse being in my head as I reached the end of a lockdown walk. We sat down for about three hours, talking about inspirations and creating a playlist which included artists such as the Pixies, Hole, Nirvana, Bush and Radiohead. I’d also made a Pinterest board, and by the end of it, we felt like it all made sense. We then restarted Can You Hear Me, and that really led the way for the rest of the EP. 

In between these sessions, I had written Laughing in my Sleep – I had been having a tough time with my OCD with the January/February Lockdown, and I remember making porridge one morning and feeling so overwhelmed. The energy was weird in the house I was living in because mine and my housemates’ individual anxieties were triggering each other – she had just left the house, and I sat at the table and sang Laughing in My Sleep into a voice note. By the time we had finished re-working on Can you Hear Me, we had gotten quite drunk, and Dustin started playing a guitar riff – I started singing Laughing In My Sleep to fit what he was playing, and within an hour, we had the full demo. 

Again Flirting with Strangers started as a voice note; I brought in the first verse to Tadhg Daly one evening, and we sat outside at Strongroom in Shoreditch discussing what the song was about and when we got back inside, we wrote the rest of the song within forty minutes, a few lines flew into my brain from old poems of mine, and it all just fell together in one quick lyrical mess that somehow made sense.”

Good job, Izzy S.O., a great EP. I look forward to more music from you. I heard Can You Hear Me loud and clear and want to hear more.

Izzy S.O.’s debut EP ‘Can You Hear Me’ comes out on 29th June 2022 via Silent Kid Records, accompanied by a launch party at Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch on 28th June.


For press enquiries, please contact jack@silentkid.co.uk 

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