Grace Solero

Grace Solero presents ‘Love and Addiction’, featured on their new album ‘Metamorphosis, a power-packed labour of love that is raw, grungy, dreamy and atmospheric all at the same time.

“Love and Addiction is a powerful representation of love in all forms and across all genres. It’s an intense journey bridging unruly passion and the yearning for clarity and stability,” says Grace Solero.

“When I came up with the first few lines of the melody and a few lyrics of the verse it was clear enough that a dark broody Pandora’s box had been opened. I felt like a surge of thick honey was running through my throat.”

High energy and highly dynamic, Solero’s mercurial voice is of astounding range and a powerful stage presence. Conveying deep emotions with alternating darkness and light, her songwriting shies away from the ordinary. Sonically, apart from their guitar-based sound, the band uses less conventional instruments, such as the cello, Hammond B3 organ, psaltery and even singing bowls.

Mixed by Chris Brown (Radiohead, Muse, Ride, INXS, Gary Moore, The Waterboys) and, this 9-track offering was mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin (The Who, Interpol, Oasis, Blur, UB40, Stormzy) at London’s Metropolis Studio.

Recorded and engineered by Jon Clayton (The Monochrome Set, Vic Godard And Subway Sect) at One Cat Studio in London, the band members themselves arranged and produced this collection. Solero is accompanied by Californian lead guitarist / vocalist Dan Beaulaurier, Swedish bassist Bjorn Zetterlund and Welsh multi-instrumentalist Dave Guy on drums and percussion.

Not long ago, the band previewed the title track ‘Metamorphosis’ on the trail of super-charged melodic singles ‘Orange Sky’,‘Awake’ and ‘Lucid Dream’, the latter of which has recently gained support via BBC 6 Music.

“This album represents a turning point, the need to break free from things that kept us stuck in the past. It’s a deep journey through the transformative power of love leading to emotional freedom. Each song’s emotion feeds the next song and creates a beautiful soundscape. From yearning to change, from unhealthy passion to mystical love, from emotional apocalypse to taking risks, from melancholy to healing and being reborn,” says Grace Solero.

The ‘Metamorphosis’ LP is out now and is available on CD from the artist’s store or digitally via BandcampSpotify and Apple Music

Recorded & engineered by Jonathan Clayton at One Cat Studio, London
Arranged & produced by the Grace Solero band
Mixed by Chris Brown
Mastered by Andy Baldwin (Hippy) at Metropolis, London
Grace Solero – vocals, guitar, psaltery
Dan Beaulaurier – guitar, backing vocals
Bjorn Zetterlund – bass, singing bowl
Dave Guy – drums, percussion, glockenspiel
Jonathan Clayton – cello, Hammond B3 organ
All lyrics written by Grace Solero
‘Orange Sky’ and ‘Ocean Star’ written by Grace Solero
‘Lucid Dream’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Love and Addiction’, ‘Shaman’ written by Grace Solero, Dan Beaulaurier, Bjorn Zetterlund, Dave Guy
‘Time Waits For No One’ written by Grace Solero and Dan Beaulaurier
‘Till You Return’ written by Grace Solero and Dave Guy
Copyright © Wohone Records. Published by ℗ Grace Solero

Director: Grace Solero
Editor/Post production: Amir Khan 
Cameraman: Richard Ellington
Band: Grace Solero (Vocals/Guitar) Dan Beaulaurier (Lead Guitar) Bjorn Zetterlund (Bass) Dave Guy (Drums)
Visual backgrounds: Julie Bloom
Make-up / hair: Luna Viola

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