I Need Her/Addeyee/Adrian Norén

Låten I Need Her beskriver en känsla av att man behöver kärlek och samtidigt ger kärlek till någon som behöver det, och vill ha det. En typ av vacker men ändå skör och sårbar harmoni… Låten avslutas med ett känslomässigt klimax och en orgasm av ljud och ord. 


My Swedish is a bit rusty*, so I will add the translation:

The song I Need Her describes a feeling of needing love and, at the same time giving love to someone who needs it and wants it. A kind of beautiful yet fragile and vulnerable harmony… The song ends with an emotional climax and an orgasm of sound and words.


In recent years, Adrian Norén has naturally become a sought-after live and studio musician through his participation in bands such as Boys And Ivy, Linn Koch-Emmery and Sötnos. But on the 11th floor in the Stockholm suburbs, Adrian now writes his own music and has recently released two singles in Swedish, ‘Drömparken‘ and ‘Du är fin‘ under his alias Addeyee (which also is his Instagram name).

I rarely blog about singles, but this track deserves mention, and I look forward to the EP. I Need Her will be the last single before the debut EP Spår av Addeyee (Swedish for “Tracks by Addeyee“), released this spring. The lyrics in ‘I Need Her‘ are about the feeling of sometimes needing someone but also being needed, which can sometimes be a fragile balance. The single also reminds us not to focus too much on the future but try to live in the moment.

Adrian took me away to an unexplored musical pathway. Adrian Norén grew up in a small secured world outside of the Swedish city of Enköping in a family where no one was involved in music, and the plan was to become an engineer like his father. Full of ideas and energy, he liked to test his limits and dreamed of starting to play the drums, but as the family lived in a terraced house, he instead got a keyboard when he was ten years old. He then came to discover music with ease and was able to create songs and melodies based on his inner notes. Soon after, he acquired an electric guitar and started to learn Red Hot Chili Peppers riffs. During the riffing in his childhood room, Adrian understood that music could be used as a portal to travel away to unexplored worlds.

I Need Her is uptempo and easy listening. There are layers of synth that build momentum with well-placed bass lines. Those hours spent riffing on his guitar have paid dividends; Adrian’s guitar work is good.

Listen carefully for the affirmations sprinkled here and there throughout the track. It reminded me of the congregation of a church saying their “Amens” and “Praise The Lord’s.” Adrian does “Yeah’s” & “Yes” after a few passages here and there.

I would like to see Adrian play a live set. Low Roar, another synth band, has an exalted spot on my list of favourite concerts. I have a feeling, a good feeling, that Adrian would be reasonably high on that list. Going to Sweden is on my bucket list. Here’s hoping that I can see him perform live on stage. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this track and wait for the release of the EP.

*I can’t read, write or speak a word of Swedish.

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