Sole @ 45 rpm

I rarely blog about single songs, but there is always room to break that pattern. There are two songs that I will mention today, and although they are not back-to-back on a 7″, I will treat them as such.

SOLE (Sole Gipp Ossler) is a Swedish artist, music producer and songwriter. In 2020 she released her debut album, ett eget rum, which was mentioned as a “filmic, melancholy and experimental debut” by the well-known Swedish magazine GAFFA. This year SOLE will be releasing her second album, våra liv. The first single from her upcoming album was released in January and mentioned by several Swedish magazines. With inspiration from artists and bands such as Nina SimoneSigur RòsLeonard CohenTwin Peaks and BjörkSOLE creates her unique sound; atmospheric, melancholic, ambient, ambient, experimental and filmic.” P.R.

du jag tiden” opens with gentle piano notes, a quiet guitar someplace behind the piano slips into the soundscape, and an equally subtle synth joins them. And then SOLE starts singing in a delicate, rhythmic pattern that builds along with the music, rising and rising with percussion driving them all forward. SOLE‘s voice soon changes into a plaintive call, and the music continues to build higher and higher and faster and faster. It gets frantic. The distortion is all-encompassing. I am out of breath from trying to keep up with the pace of “du jag tiden.” And then it stops with her gentle voice reclaiming the focus only to lose it in the distortion that gives the impression of a steal locomotive braking hard to stop at the station. Steel grinds on steel, and then they all fade to nothing. I hit repeat. “du jag tiden” opens with…etc.

Mix: Anton Sundell

Master: Jonas Siöström

Drum recording: Ruben Engzell

Coverart: Sole Gipp Ossler

Photo: Philip Käll

Musicians: Sole Gipp Ossler (song, synthesizer), Mons Gipp Ossler (song, guitar, piano), Zackarias Lindskog (guitar), Pelle Ossler (guitar), Hux Nettermalm (drums) and Christoffer Zetterlund (bass) 

A some point in time I didn’t hit repeat. I listened to side two of my imaginary 45—låta allt bli. A cacophony of voices sounds like they are on the other side of a large room, and an accordion comes into hearing range. A guitar plays gentle notes, and SOLE sings with her plaintiff style—more accordion, never too much accordion. It builds in scope with guitar, accordion, percussion, and synths. Higher and higher it goes, and then it is reigned in, and the song goes out much the same as it came in, gentle piano, accordion and SOLE singing gently.

Text och musik: Sole Gipp Ossler 

Producent: Sole Gipp Ossler 

sång, melodika, piano, synthar : Sole Gipp Ossler 

akustisk gitarr : Zackarias Lindskog

trummor : Hux Nettermalm 

kontrabas : Michael Carlqvist

cello : Henrik meierkord 

Mix: Anton Sundell 

Master: Jonas Siöström 

Inspelning av trummor: Ruben Engzell, Skutan Studio 

Omslag: Sole Gipp Ossler 

Foto: Philip Käll på Teater Galeasen

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Have a listen! I hope you’ll like it 🙂 

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