Captain Cougar

For the last ten days I have been listening to a new album from the Finnish band Captain Cougar, the album name is Bonnie. I like the album, it is a great easy listening album. They don’t crank up the volume much, they just add some extra juice in all the right place, but that can be a good thing when it is done well. And Captain Cougar do it well.. This is an album that I can put on, sit back and let the music wash over me. All good, right?

No, it isn’t all right. Captain Cougar have given me an album that is so good, I am left wordless. I literally do not know what to say.

This band is good?

This album is good?

The recording is sonically good?

The lyrics are good?

Yes, to all of the above! But what is left to say?

Give them a listen and see if you like them as much as I do. Bonnie is a well composed album that walks between folk music with more than one stringed instrument. I think I can hear mandolin on the song Liquid Helping Hand. There are some more progressive sounds here and there and some gentle pop sensibilities. Fortunately for us, Captain Cougar bring it all together seamlessly on the album Bonnie. Their music is hard to categorise, I suggest giving them a listen you can decide what to call them.

In the place of pages of rhetoric and platitudes about how this should be on everyone’s best of the year charts and so forth, instead of me posting empty content about how much I like this album, I thought I would have a bit of fun with it. I made a crossword puzzle using song titles, some of them are broken down into two parts.

Enjoy the music, that’s it. Enjoy Captain Cougar, they are good.

3Large north American cat1Forlorn and broken hearted
6Rhymic movers2Skipper of a ship
9Rise and shine4Make one’s exit
10I’ve been to many5Assistant
11Her and Clyde7Between words
13Fluid that pours8Lighter than air
14Cold-hearted and pale12A nun is one of these

Lyrics written by Jussi Petäjä

Captain Cougar are:

Juha Kujanpää: keyboards

Laura Lehtola: vocals

Jussi Petäjä: guitars, stringed instruments

Juha-Matti Rautiainen: bass, synths

Janne Torvikoski: drums, percussion

Julia Vuorinen: vocals


Jussi Petäjä

Pinetree Records

Captain A skipper of a ship *

Cougar Large north American cat *

Bonnie Her and Clyde *

Dancers Rhythmic movers *

Liquid Fluid that pours *

Helping Hand Assistant *

Places I’ve been to many*

Sister A nun is one of these *

Spaces Between words *

Wakeup Rise and shine *

Walk away Make one’s exit *

Weightless. Lighter than air *

Loveless Forlorn, and broken-hearted *

Bloodless. Cold-hearted and pale *

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