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The press release:

NYC funk-art collective Loud Apartment presents ‘Technology,’ the lead track from their ‘New Future’ album. Produced by the legendary Bill Laswell, this album also features three dub remixes he created. Their third long-player also features a vocal contribution by Garrison Hawk, a long-term collaborator of Tricky and Sly & Robbie, among other notable artists. 

Loud Apartment is the sound of New York Fusion – a blend of sounds with Funk as a core ingredient. As the lyrics read, “technological revolution can bring solutions/innovation creation no degradation no pollution / too much exploitation from the governments and corporations/privacy invasion intrusion and manipulation.” Technology is a brilliant song – a clever protest song.

Norman’s notes:

I can’t separate the song Technology from the album New Future. There is a flow to the music that creates something more extensive, more expansive, than the song. The song is good, but I think it is better when listened to within the album’s context.

New Future gives us the optimism that a new future is possible. A better future, perhaps. Loud Apartment is not blind to the condition of the world. Loud Apartment is hopeful that a better future is possible.

“The album looks to the future with hope but not in a naive way. There’s a lot of trouble in the world right now, especially regarding the environment and human rights. It’s an urgent plea for radical change and a different world. A new future,” says Nevaris A.C.

Rhythm and Rhyme is the lead track, and it hooked me with its opening samples from DJ Logic on turntables. The lyrics extol the virtues of the miracle of music.

“The miracle of time is in the rhythm of the Rhyme

 The rhythm of the Rhyme one two the rhythm of the Rhyme.”

New Future jump into a groove on Rhythm and Rhyme and carry that energy through the rest of this album. I usually shy away from posting long lists of who appeared on albums. For most bands, there might only be two or three names. This album has a long list, but I think it is essential because of the quality that each person brought to this recording.


Nevaris A.C.: voice, electric piano, Hammond organ, congas, percussion

Bill Laswell: bass

DJ Logic: turntables

Lockatron: drums

Will Bernard: guitar

Peter Apfelbaum: tenor saxophone, flute, melodica

Garrison Hawk: vocals on ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Dub Rebellion.’

Produced by Bill Laswell

Created at Orange Music, West Orange, NJ

Engineered by James Dellatacoma

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studio, NYC

Cover Illustration by José Ortiz

All songs were written by Nevaris and Bill Laswell except ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Dub Rebellion.’

by Nevaris, Bill Laswell, and Garrison Hawk

Horn arrangements by Peter Apfelbaum.

This album is impressive; the groove Loud Apartments talented folks brought to the table is a cornucopia of sound. I listen to this repeatedly and find new tidbits of exquisite sounds I didn’t hear before. New Future more effortlessly from funk to techno to reggae to jazz, creating a fusion of fresh sounds and refreshing music.

Outdoor photos by Tyler McGackin. Indoor photos by Michael Black

Bandcamp https://loudapartment.bandcamp.com/album/new-future

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/loudapartment

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/35agCFwnA3mZzpwhy0f90j

‘System Breakdown’ LP (2020) https://loudapartment.bandcamp.com/album/system-breakdown

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