… from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I

Summer is here, and I enjoy sitting in my zero gravity chair on the deck with my earbuds which is delivering The Gorstey Lea Street Choir to the musical part of my brain. It then fires off a ton of signals and brain triggers to let the rest of my brain register this as a good thing.

The Gorstey Lea Street Choir are Michael Clapham and Russ Phillips, and they have delivered a smash hit with their new album, … from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I. That Volume I part sent my heart a fluttering. Judging by how good Volume I is, I can’t wait to hear Volume II. Way back in May, I was gushing over how good their teaser songs were, and I commented that I would be marking July 9 on my calendar, the day their album was to be released. Well, it was in my mail on July 9, just like promised, so where was I when I should have been writing this blog. I was listening to … from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I over and over again. I was in hook, line and sinker.

I don’t know how I add anything more to that. I highly recommend this recording, but be warned, you can’t stop at one listen. The music is powerful, the vocals are spot on, and the lyrics speak to everyone. They swing from dark and brooding to bright and excited. Their songs have maturity and reflect the friendship they have enjoyed for over 35 years. The music in this recording is smooth as silk which highlights the many, many hours spent practising.

 THE GORSTEY LEA STREET CHOIR has knocked my socks off. This album was guided by a production dream team involving GAVIN MONAGHAN (Robert Plant, Editors, Squeeze), GEORGE SHILLING (Blur, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub) and Ride’s MARK GARDENER, with CHOQUE HOSEIN (Black Star Liner) electronically re-envisioning four of these tracks.

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#the Gorstey lea street choir

Bandcamp https://500broadcast.bandcamp.com/album/from-princes-park-to-farsley-volume-i 
Album order https://bit.ly/337xS55
‘That Chitty Bang Majik’ https://youtu.be/1zJNX7YE8B0 
‘Bluebird. Hollywood… Domino’ https://youtu.be/2LDscdfKDPU
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/thegorsteyleastreetchoir/bluebird-hollywood-domino/s-j3jhmWOLhRV


GAVIN MURPHY SONGS is the title of an artist blurb that showed up in my email mail folder. That got me thinking, and what I thunk is that this Gavin Murphy fella must be a singer, ’cause that is what people mostly do with songs. So, what does Gavin Murphy sound like when he sings Gavin Murphy songs? I had to find out.

So, what I done did is listen to Gavin Murphy Songs. Or did I listen to Gavin Murphy’s songs? Maybe I listen to Gavin Murphy singing Gavin Murphy songs on Gavin Murphy Songs. Now, I done confused meself. Don’t matter much ’cause I’s just a goin to tell y’all what I heard.

That Gavin Murphy fella is a fine singer. And Gavin Murphy’s Songs ain’t half bad either. So I listened agin to see if I could use a gin pole to raise that above half bad. It worked; I git it closer than a 10-foot pole, so I heard it agin and agin. It got more and more pleasin’ to my ears. Soundin’ good ’nuff so ah jus’ have to tell y’all about it.

I will pause here to let my linguistic interpretation move from early Arkansas to present-day Edmonton.

Gavin Murphy sings chill pop music that would feel right on a Sunday morning with a cup of joe and the morning news. He is a jongleur who interprets life from his point of view and within his time on this spinning globe that we call home. And Gavin Murphy is a solid ten for this two-song single and the accompanying video.

We have easy listening radio stations, and I can see Gavin Murphy Songs fitting easily into that MO. Easy listening calms our restless souls, and that is what Gavin Murphy Songs does. I’ll let Gavin Murphy tell you about his music in his own words.

“My new single ‘Alive’ is about embracing the positives in life. To witness the sunrise at dawn is a beautiful, heartwarming experience. Appreciating the simple pleasures in life and reflecting upon good memories can help us through difficult times,” says Gavin Murphy.

“On the other hand, ‘The Sound of Heartbreak’ is a rite of passage that nobody escapes. You suffer from it; you inflict it – don’t kid yourself otherwise, it will keep happening until you learn from it and finally make peace with the scars”.

‘Alive’ and ‘The Sound of Heartbreak’ are out now, available across streaming platforms and online stores, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp. There is a video for The Sound of Heartbreak as well; check it out at

Bandcamp https://gavinmurphysongs.bandcamp.com/track/alive 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4CrIwWod2Eqc7V6zalcL8L 

‘The Sound of Heartbreak’ https://youtu.be/CNH7ZGWJ5Vs 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/46ovrZMmIADzNP2ipNVuEq 

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I had to add the guitar that Gavin Murphy played, shown above, and the guitar that I play shown below. They are cousins.





Manchester-based Caulbearers present ‘Solid Supposed featuring Somerset-based vocalist Ruth Blake, with haunting vocals and multi-layered delivery, perfectly resonating with the dream-like, otherworldly theme of the lyrics. The vocals bathed in distortion and delay, accompanied by Caulbearers signature horns, strings and live breakbeats.

The stunning B-side to their single ‘Burst Through The Borders’, a different version of this song was released on the ‘More Lie Deep’ EP (2011), In this rendition, frontman Damien Mahoney‘s vocals are switched out for Blake’s. This is part of an ongoing collaboration between the two artists, Mahoney also having produced her recently-released  single ‘Brave Ships’ single.

Influenced by modern, urban existence and celebrating the sacred in the everyday and the supposedly mundane, the song’s lyrics for ‘Burst Through The Borders’ were inspired by dreaming of a beautiful revolution occurring in the markets, pubs, boardrooms, hospitals and schools of our towns and cities. The fantastic cover artwork was created by James Roper

Shot almost entirely on mobile phones during the Covid 19 epidemic and under various states of lockdown restrictions in 2020, the accompanying video depicts eerily empty scenes of Manchester, the Blackburn countryside and the Norfolk coastline. This collaboration between Mahoney and editor / animator James Stirzaker is rooted in a long history of working with the band, including artwork for the ‘Over Comes A Cloud’ single (December 2020). As in the song, the natural world with its mysteries, wisdom and wonder, is the main protagonist.

“I wanted to capture all these locations at such a unique time when everything felt so different, to help tell the story of a song that imagines great transformations of our societies, spaces, cultures and of ourselves,” says Damian Mahoney.

“As a species, we have so many difficult challenges to find solutions for, that it can feel overwhelming to know where and how to start. I wanted to write something that had total faith in the possibility of change, in the ability to transcend the complexities of our modern lives with simplicity. The song imagines this energy of love flooding through the world and transforming the institutions and purposes of our societies and our lives. By its nature, it dismantles the barriers that cause hardship for so many and the borders that separate us from each other.”

Mixed by Seadna Mcphail (Badly Drawn Boy, Jah Wobble, Everything Everything, I Am Kloot, Happy Mondays) and mastered by Jim Spencer (New Order, Johnny Marr, Charlatans, Factory Floor) at Eve Mastering in Manchester, this track features numerous renowned musicians – drummer Howard Jacobs (808 State, Beth Gibbons, Homelife, Toolshed), guitarist Anton Hunter (Beats and Pieces Big Band, Article XI), cellist Stefan Skrimshire, bassist Nicholas Malin, and acoustic guitar by Andrew Mucha. Acclaimed composer and polyrhythmic pioneer Edward Chilvers also contributes piano.  

Caulbearers was formed in 2007 with contributors from around the UK and Europe. A DIY ethic has coursed through the band’s work from releases, design and production to the recording process. This hybrid ensemble blends diverse musical styles, fusing them together live and in the studio, weaving nu jazz and folk with elements of hip-hop, funk, dub, soul and afrobeat.

‘Burst Through The Borders’ is available across digital platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp.

Written, produced & edited by Damien Mahoney
Rhythm and guitar tracks recorded at Airtight Studios in Manchester
Vocal & instrument recording by Damien Mahoney at his Padded Cell studio
Mixed by Seadna Mcphail
Mastered by Jim Spencer at Eve Mastering in Greater Manchester
Video directed by James Stirzaker & Damien Mahoney
Filmed by Elizabeth Murphy, Damien Mahoney, James Stirzaker, Elia Santini, Richard Smith and Amii Priestley
Video editing & post-production by James Stirzaker
Single cover artwork by James Roper
Photos by Jan Schoof. Collages by James Stirzaker

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The Academy of Sun

I love it when some new music comes along, and it gobsmacks me right square in my face. Well, that happened to me this week. The artist in question goes by the moniker The Academy of Sun; quiet a mouthful ain’t it! They are a psychedelic post-punk quartet anchored around Nick Hudson on piano, synths, Hammond organ, harmonium, vocals, percussion, synths. Along with the rock-solid accompaniment of Kianna Blue on bass and synths. Guy Brice treats us to his guitar playing, and Ash Babb keeps it rock steady on percussion. This 7″ release from Heaven’s Lathe follows the sonic holiday of their 2020 album The Quiet Earth, which I highly recommend you to give a listen.

The A-side of this recording, ‘It Is Finished When It’s Destroyed,’ comes at us as a two for the price of one recording. It makes a grand entrance with smooth as silk synths and builds on that into soaring vocals that segues into staccato percussion and harmonious vocals. The second section sees Hudson’s keening vocal riding over the percussion of floor toms and more synths. Mixed by acclaimed US producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Danny Elfman, Earth, Mandy OST), the attention to detail and the tasteful placement of sounds make it all work together for one heck of a good song. The flipside ‘Ghost Foxes‘ opens with the rat-a-tat of drums and rapid-fire singing from Nick Hudson that left me tired just listening to. These two tracks present The Academy of Sun as a band going places.

“The first The Academy Of Sun track I’ve written since finishing writing ‘The Quiet Earth’ in 2018, this is an aquaplaning freight train of psychedelia and snarl – with the second part endlessly modulating over a skittery, syncopated drum pattern and Mariana Trench-plumbing synths. Whether it is lyrically directed at the heinous cabal of xenophobic disaster capitalists currently holed up in UK parliament remains to be seen (it is),” says Nick Hudson.

“‘Ghost Foxes’ was written for ‘The Quiet Earth,’ but never felt “right” until we were asked to create this release. A satire on esotericism, boasting yet another Herzog quote and some mesmerizing guitar tones from our plank-wielder, Guy Brice, ‘Ghost Foxes’ was always riotous to play live, and will be again.”

On Friday, July 2 at 6 PM BST, Heaven’s Lathe will be releasing this on a 7″ lathe-cut vinyl through Heaven’s Lathe on Bandcamp.

This black hand-numbered 7″ high-quality stereo lathe-cut vinyl features an engraved Heavens Lathe logo, a 230gsm sleeve, black inner sleeve and PVC protective sleeve. Ships within a white poly-lined inner paper sleeve and a ‘lathe cut’ care card include digital download. Otherwise, these tracks will be available digitally in mid-August.


Written by Nick Hudson, arranged by The Academy Of Sun:

Nick Hudson, Guy Brice, Kianna Blue, Ash Babb

Vocals & synths recorded by Nick Hudson at The Lament Configuration.

Bass recorded by Kianna Blue at Alfie Towers.

A side guitars/drums recorded by Joseph Thorpe at Brighton Electric.

B side drums recorded by Paul Pascoe at Church Road Studios, Hove.

A side mixed by Randall Dunn at Circular Ruin Studios NYC.

B side mixed by Paul Pascoe at Church Road Studios Hove.

Mastered by Randall Dunn at Circular Ruin Studios NYC.

Artwork & layout by Ash Babb, Cover painting by Nick Hudson.

All lathe cutting and engineering are by Michael Lawrence.

Design by Lauren Winton (Bladud Flies!)

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The Hardest Battle

I got taken to school today, and I fully deserved it. I had been offered the opportunity to write a blog posting about a new release from a chap named Colin Moulding, yes, the Colin Moulding from XTC. A quick look at the PR and a brief perusal of his latest release prompted my premature conclusion that I didn’t want to do a blog about three songs.

My decision had nothing to do with the quality of Colin Mouldings’ music. It’s just that I don’t particularly enjoy doing blogs for singles, and then after covering three singles from the artist, they release an EP with four songs. Whoopie, I could have just done the EP and saved paper.

I informed Shauna, the talent agent who feeds me new music, that I would like to wait till Colin Moulding released an album. And this is when the reeducation of Norman began to correct his miseducation in regards to XTC. A tip of the proverbial hat to Lauryn Hill, and a huge wave of gratitude to Shauna at Shameless Promotion PR for tuning me in to the fact that this release is in deed a big deal that I really should take another look at. Which I did.

The first baby step that I took was to listen to the back catalogue of XTC. I owned one slab of vinyl by them, Drums and Wires. The only reason I had that album is because I liked one song on the record, Making Plans For Nigel.

I started my education by listening with Apple Essentials, but I quickly moved on from that to a brief visit at White MusicXTC‘s debut album. It was closer to punk than the XTC that I knew from Drums and Wires but a good recording in that vein of music. Next up was  English Settlement, a lovely transition album moving the band away from their post-punk/new wave era into a more refined but more complex musical direction. I found English Settlement very interesting, with intelligent lyrics and well-placed music to accompany those songs. I also found that as I sampled a few of their other albums, I continued to gravitate back towards the English Settlement. Perhaps a Freudian slip since I live in an English settlement.

Meanwhile, the exercise of trying to understand where Colin Moulding was coming from jarred a few musical memories loose in my thick skull. Senses Working Overtime, a great song that hasn’t lost any of its power and sensibility. The tune Dear God was almost a mantra in a previous life that I lived. It then became blasphemy and then became a song with a high place in my song hierarchy. Curious about how life is and the music that we attach to moments that we live through. I won’t bore you with more on this train of thought; there are great books about it if you want to learn more about earworms and the science of music memory.

Guitar Zero The New Musician and the Science of Learning by Gary Marcus was a fun and inspiring read.

The World in Six Songs by Daniel Levitin 

This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, also by Daniel Levitin, is an excellent book.

Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks is more academic but very informative.

Fast forward from Skylarking in 1986 to July 2, 2021, when XTC legend Colin Moulding releases ‘The Hardest Battle’ on CD via Burning Shed.

CD Order https://burningshed.com/store/colin-moulding_store/colin-moulding_the-hardest-battle_cd

This release gives us a glimpse into the creative process of one of the UK’s finest songwriters. The Hardest Battle provides us with a bridge from the popular music of XTC to the music that Colin Moulding crafts for us on this EP. ‘The Hardest Battle‘ is the first new material from Colin Moulding in many years.

Colin Moulding tells us: “To be nobody but yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight”… I saw these lines in a book I picked up in a secondhand bookshop and thought…maybe there’s a song there …I think it’s by the poet EE Cummins,”

“And there it was. All I had to do was come up with some music to marry to this notion. I do think most people aren’t themselves really or become themselves eventually. And that struggle isn’t easy. I recorded this pretty much in isolation, as most people have been this past year or so. One crazy year for all of us. Perhaps ‘The Hardest Battle‘ we humans have faced externally, as well as the one we fight internally every day.”

“About ‘Say It,’ I just felt this track deserved a better fate than it got, really. I wrote it for the XTC album that never was. But it ended up on a promo disk amongst XTC’s ‘Last Days of Rome’ This version feels much more akin to my original song mindset compared to the expedient I agreed to at the time,” says Colin Moulding.

Regarding ‘The Hardest Battle (First Exploratory Demo),’ Colin Moulding adds, “I think demos are much more of a demonstration to one’s self than for other people. You have to find out what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, you shoot from the hip and just fire it out and see what sticks. Larkin always said that he didn’t know what his poems were about initially until he got some way into them;- that’s what this is;- I’m just ‘Larkin’ around until it presents itself. Then the crossword puzzle can begin.”

After learning my lesson on just how good XTC was as a band and how each member contributed, I also found out that I liked XTC for more than Making Plans For Nigel. Bottom line, a huge thank you to Shauna at Shameless Promotions PR for taking the time to give me a lesson on a band that I had overlooked. I probably passed hundreds of copies of XTC‘s albums through my hands when I worked at Record Collectors Paradise, and I never took the time to stop and listen. I have found that taking the time to listen can be a hard battle as well. I recommend taking the time to stop and listen to Colin Moulding and The Hardest Battle. I know that hitting repeat will not be the hardest battle, and buying the CD is not a hard battle either, so do your ears a favour and take the time to stop and listen to this great music.

Officially out on July 2, ‘The Hardest Battle’ can be ordered on CD single exclusively via Burning Shed at:


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In conclusion here is some eye candy.

A New Era

Ender Bender, aka Eddie Olguin, has Bewildered me on his new EP. Don’t get me wrong; I Have A Good Time listening to it. It has helped me Reconnect with summer, it was a bit late arriving, but I feel we are entering a New Era. I put this new EP on the virtual turntable and let the music Talk to Me.

Summer is upon us, which means driving around the local countryside and visiting some folks we have not seen since pre-Covid. We have had our second shot, and we still practice personal protection guidelines.

While we are out cruising, we like listening to some tunes, and this EP from Ender BenderNew Era, is just the prescription for some summer fun. With the temperatures hovering just below 30c, I think I’ll leave the top up and the A/C on, but we can still listen to this summer fun EP.

As Ender BenderEddie Olguin has served us a fun flashback to the synth-laden days of New Wave summers and jumping for retro joy. I heard a bit of this band over here—a bit of that band over there. And plenty of original fresh sounding music all over the place.

Eddie Olguin, in his own words: “Most of the music I have been listening to has a fun-retro 80s vibe, which served as the perfect distraction from the reality we were dealing with. This inspired me to create an EP that would also serve as an escape for others while positively touching upon the things we were forced to face, like the importance of friends and family and of truly leaving behind the petty bullshit that takes over our daily existence – we simply need to enjoy the beauty of life,”

Enjoy the beauty of life indeed, and while doing that, enjoy the beauty of this EP.

   Bewildered 3:48

   Have a Good Time 4:10

   Reconnect 2:32

   New Era 3:59

   Talk to Me 4:15

That adds up to 18 minutes and 44 seconds of fun in the sun. Put it in a playlist and listen to it again. Make a mixtape for the road and listen to a New Era, a New Era for Ender Bender and five new tunes for you to kick up your summer fun.

‘Bewildered’ https://open.spotify.com/track/1slNPBCKdeXebSTzIhviBO
‘Have a Good Time’ https://youtu.be/s7MSBsJLdZ8
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/1bkEpkcIqWIKyg21VFQUgT
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/iamenderbender/have-a-good-time/s-4KKRsj1Cb1r
Bandcamp / Pre-order https://enderbender.bandcamp.com/album/new-era

If you have any questions, contact Shauna from Shameless Promotion PR at contact@shamelesspromotionpr.com


I don’t usually promote singles, lonely songs, not lonely people.

However, I will make an exception to that self-proclaimed rule today. I present That Chitty Bang Majik and Escalator for your listening pleasure, two singles that kick-started my morning.

That Chitty Bang Majik is a new single by a band that left an indelible impression on me back in May of this year when I posted my thoughts about their single and video Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino. That band is The Gorstey Lea Street Choir.

I still enjoy listening to them, and this new release only adds to my desire to own slabs of vinyl by them.

I am at a loss for words that describe what my ears are hearing when I listen to this song, so I will let The Gorstey Lea Street Choir, which is Michael Clapham and Russ Phillips, speak for themselves.

“The song came about last January after a Christmas repeat that we had both watched of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Michael Clapham tells us.

‘We love the film and the soundtrack, and we started discussing ‘the flying car” and before you know it ‘…That Chitty Bang Magic‘ was born,” says Russ Phillips.

“This song represents the poppier side of our indie credentials whilst still retaining our core vibe, 12 string guitars chime alongside brass punctuations and Moog synths, with the two vocal Gorstey chant upfront, telling the story of the track. We are really looking forward to folks hearing the rest of the LP in early July when it arrives, the four new tracks and the four re-imaginations of ‘Extended Play One’ tracks by Choque from Black Star Liner,” says Michael Clapham.

I concur with really looking forward to hearing the rest of the LP in July when it is released.

As of June 22, ‘That Chitty Bang Majik‘ will be available everywhere digitally, including Apple Music and Spotify. Additionally, the ‘…from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I’ LP will see its release on July 9.

This music should garner The Gorstey Lea Street Choir extended air time no matter the format or delivery platform. Just listen to it is all I am saying. It is that good. I will put it on repeat, sip my beverage of choice and sit back to enjoy every nuance of The Gorstey Lea Street Choir.

Did I mention the video? No? Well, there is one on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zJNX7YE8B0.

We have lots of links for you to click through and enjoy the music of The Gorstey Lea Street Choir.

‘That Chitty Bang Majik’ https://youtu.be/1zJNX7YE8B0 

‘Bluebird. Hollywood… Domino’ https://youtu.be/2LDscdfKDPU

Bandcamp https://500broadcast.bandcamp.com/track/that-chitty-bang-majik

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/thegorsteyleastreetchoir/bluebird-hollywood-domino/s-j3jhmWOLhRV

Single pre-save https://bit.ly/2Rgqguv

Album pre-order https://500broadcast.bandcamp.com/album/from-princes-park-to-farsley-volume-i 

Album pre-save https://bit.ly/337xS55

Wow, I got carried away with that review. I need to get some words in this blog for the second single of the day. Phoenix-based dream-electronic artist FLDPLN presents his new single Escalator previewing his full-length album by the same name. Scheduled for release on July 30, it will be digitally available and on colour vinyl via the label Sillas Famosas.

FLDPLN (“field-plan”) is the new solo project of Andrew Saks, former frontman of Southern California shoegaze band Sway. As FLDPLN, he creates a primarily electronic project with songs that feature synthesizers, vocals and layered saxophones reminiscent of 80s pop.

“Escalator is really the result of my years of dabbling in electronic music production combined with my desire to reconnect with my roots, having been a saxophone player for most of my life,” says Andrew Saks.

“For this album, I wanted to write songs that are true to the way I hear things in my head, dreamy, blurry, beautiful without compromise and incorporate the horn as a textural instrument as well as another melodic voice.”

At times, Andrew Saks horn playing features soaring leads that lift the dreamlike and serene to near-anthemic heights while, in other instances, they convey an emotional, whisper-like voice. While certainly nowhere near new to experimental music, the tone and texture of the saxophone in this context effectively lends itself to ethereal lullabies and reflective daydreams.

While textures and sound are an integral component of the music, Andrew Saks does not shy away from hook-laden songwriting. This music is highly influenced by Andrew Saks childhood memories of going to bed with Walkman headphones on and later waking up in the darkness, in a partial dream-state with the pop songs of the 1980’s – Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Bruce Springsteen, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Debbie Gibson, Human League still whispering in his ears.

The ‘Escalator’ single is now available everywhere across online stores like Apple Music and streaming platforms like Spotify. The entire ‘Escalator’ LP will release on July 30 and can already be pre-ordered digitally and on colour vinyl via Bandcamp.

‘Escalator’ https://youtu.be/Lh6iS92kYss 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/3V7pKnC07ZqpGJQsyThsUu 

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/fldpln/escalator/s-2d12zarJxU8 

Album teaser https://youtu.be/H47SwiolC8A

Bandcamp https://fldpln.bandcamp.com/album/escalator

Pre-order https://fldpln.bandcamp.com

No Real Colour In Souls

Brazilian progressive rock / metal trio Pentral reveal their new single ‘No Real Colour In Souls’, one of the grooviest songs found on their debut long-player ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’, a 10-track LP with legendary producer Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie’s Tin Machine, The Mission, HIM, U2, Pearl Jam) co-producing with Pentral, Sergio Fouad and Cesar Bottinha. Palmer also mixed the LP, which was mastered by Justin Shturtz (HIM, The Psychedelic Furs, Nancy Wilson, Slipnot, Tin Machine).

Hailing from Belém in northern Brazil, Pentral is made up of Victor Lima(vocals, guitars, songwriter, lyrics), Vagner Lima (drummer) and Joe Ferri (bass guitar), this album shares the tragic reality of many Amazon dwellers, whose habitat, lifestyle and livelihood are brutally taken from them, not to mention the destruction of the forest itself. Through their videos and lyrics, Pentral tells the story about this violence and pilfering of the Amazon’s natural habitat.

“A rhythmic lengthy track, Vagner is  brilliant on the drums and Joe on the bass guitar. This was one of the hardest tracks to sing during the recording sessions. Lot of feelings involved, and I believe I could express all this vibe to the interpretation of the song,” says Victor Lima.

Earlier, Pentral released high-energy singles ‘Aiming For The Sun’‘All My Wounds’ and ‘Silent Trees’– the sonic launching pad into a concept album reflecting on today’s society, presenting the saga of a lowly couple fighting for their lives and sanity.  The accompanying video sequence was filmed in their native Amazon – a dedicated saga unfolds, track by track. Directed and edited by Roger Elarrat and produced by Luana Klautau, this also involves Lucas Escócio as director of photography, this video features actors Anne Costa, Guto Galvão, Eduarda Cursino, Boris Knez and Aldo Lima.

The lyrics speak about loss. The kid and her mother are wandering around the forest as they know they have to get out and try to go on with their lives somewhere away from that place. Racism is clearly portrayed on the song as well. This is an odious plague that still chases up the human beings and that have to be confronted. It’s a quite introspective song! It resonates with the name of the band – Pentral, which means Soul. At the end of the day, this is what we really are – a Soul, before, during, and after our material existence.

Their unique take on alternative rock can be described as progressive, heavy, groovy and melodic, while the band also deliver a strong political message about what is going on in Brazil and all over the world.

Pentral stands for ‘spirit’ in Latin, indicative of the message this band is trying to inspire via their sound – the need to transcend this material world through the power of music, without losing connection with reality and human frailties.

Deeply influenced by their Amazon roots, Pentral’s music is influenced by many global influences while also striving to honor Brazil’s groove and unique harmonies, progressive rock, metal music, atmosphere and melody. This debut album sums up years of experimentation and the search for human awareness of the environment, peace and equality.

“The album ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ is like a “declaration” and it was conceived way before COVID-19 came out…But it kind of fits the current reality we´re going through. This pandemic is the outcome of the unfriendly way we’ve been treating our environment and ourselves as well, and it served to expose our insensitivity, our lack of empathy,”says Pentral frontman Victor Lima.

“It’s a story about a man and a woman who lives in the woods. The forest is invaded by a group of mercenaries (pretty common in Brazil) in order to burn the woods down and make money with that, the man is killed, the woman manages to survive and she is pregnant, then she gives birth to a girl, and They try to survive in the city, experiencing racism, violence, hunger, selfishness, indifference. The only thing they have – they love each other.  So, the elements of the story – environment being destroyed, people suffering discrimination by the color of their skin, by the place where they came from, being selfish and violent for the sake of their own interests and prejudices, politics and religion abuse and extremism and the only way I believe things could be solved – the power of love. The album is like a journey of the three characters (a woman, a man, and their kid) passing through all the issues I’m talking about in the lyrics for these ten songs.”

‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ album is out now everywhere digitally, including Apple Musicand Spotify. It can be ordered via https://pentral.lnk.to/WhatLiesAheadOfUs or via Amazon.

All songs written by Victor Lima
Produced by Pentral and Tim Palmer
Co-produced and engineered by Sergio Fouad and Cesar Botinha
Justin Shturtz – mastering
Tim Palmer – mixing, additional guitars, percussion and keyboards
Victor Lima – vocals and guitars
Vagner Lima – drums
Joe Ferri – bass guitar
Cover artwork by Heidi Teillefer

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Pennies By The Pound

I have found over time that some music grows better with time. Some music starts mediocre and doesn’t rise much above that, or below for that matter. And there is some music like the new offering from Pennies by the Pound, Heat Death of the Universe‘, that keeps sounding unique and exciting each time I listen to it.

Hailing from Helsinki, Pennies by the Pound was formed in 2016 by Johannes Susitaival as a solo project, but it quickly became a three-piece involving musicians from his past bands.

Vesa Ranta – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Tomi Laaksonen – bass guitar
Rauli Eskolin – additional keyboards, background vocals on track 6
Alexander Meaney – additional lead guitar on track 5
Kaisa Ranta – additional vocals on tracks 3 and 7, background vocals on track 6.

Musically this is very much a prog-rock album, but it is more than that. It is also a rock album, just rock. It also gets filed under indie rock. It has grinding guitar riffs, soaring synth passages and heavy, heavenly choruses. It touches on punk and post-punk as well. My goodness, this album is a treasure trove full of gold. Johannes Susitaival; “This album is rooted in the fact that I became heavily interested in ’80s Marillion a few years ago, especially the ‘Clutching at Straws‘ LP. You can definitely hear the influence on the record, but there’s a lot of ’80s Rush too, spiced up with contemporary influences like Muse and Radiohead. I love prog and being a good Canuck I will admit that I really like Rush, all the years.
Lyrically, well, I’ll step aside and let Johannes Susitaival you. “Lyrically, there is a loose theme on the album about the way people continue to actually socially distance themselves from others (even without or before the pandemic) due to the influence of social media and maybe the internet in general. The album title is a nod to that, the “heat death of the universe” being the lack of and eventual end of real-life social connections between people,” says Johannes Susitaival.

“As an artist, I’ve always been hesitant to make records that sound the same as the previous ones I’ve done, so the sound keeps evolving,” says Johannes Susitaival. “I wanted to make a record that is borderline ridiculous, in some ways, and definitely not very contemporary. Then again, for the first time in my life, I had a chance to work with a producer, whose work I have admired since the turn of the millennium and this definitely influenced the album and its sound”.
The ‘Heat Death of the Universe‘ album is out as of May 21. It can be obtained directly from the band via Bandcamp and the standard platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Bandcamp https://penniesbythepound.bandcamp.com/album/heat-death-of-the-universe
Apple Music https://music.apple.com/us/album/heat-death-of-the-universe/1566872818
‘Indigo Screams’ https://youtu.be/UrOimjY1ZV0
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/j-sus-1/05-indigo-screams-1/s-Hig71nXQBO5
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https://facebook.com/penniesbythepound https://penniesbythepound.bandcamp.com https://instagram.com/penniesbythepound https://twitter.com/by_pennies https://soundcloud.com/j-sus-1 https://open.spotify.com/artist/0Hbaw0aHEmn2i83DSYyKGi https://music.apple.com/us/artist/pennies-by-the-pound/1330333600

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Brave Warrior

I’m listening to the EP Brave Warrior from a band named Keeley. The first track, The Glitter and the Glue, comes charging at me at full gallop. It hearkens back to the vocals and volume of The Runaways with a bit of tweaking at the soundboard to bring it into the 21st century. Good stuff; I loved The Glitter and the Glue. The whole song works as a pop/punk anthem with blasting guitars and a good fast pace. 

The whole EP isn’t on the same page as The Glitter and the Glue. The next song is Last Words; it changes gears into a more new wave/post-punk song. It may not have the same energy as The Glitter and the Glue, but it stands on its own merit. The third track of this four-track EP is Never Here Always There, and it presents us, the listeners, with a whole new tableau, a more sombre sound but not melancholy. The EP closes with You Never Made It That Far, pulsing and building to close a chapter in the story. Overall I enjoyed the dozen times that I played this EP, as good a concept EP as any other I have heard. I look forward to a long player with more of the story.

Hailing from Dublin and fronted by vocalist and guitarist Keeley, the band includes Marty Canavan on keyboards, Martin Fagan on bass and Pete Duff on drums.

London label Dimple Discs has announced the signing of Irish psychedelic dream pop outfit Keeley to its roster, not long after releasing the critically acclaimed new album from Cathal Coughlan (The Fatima Mansions, Microdisney). The label will release her debut ‘Brave Warrior’ EP digitally on June 18, with a physical release planned for autumn with a long-player scheduled for 2022.

Keeley pursues an unusual conceptual thread, conceived several years ago, focusing on German tourist Inga Maria Hauser, whose murder in Northern Ireland in 1988 remains unsolved.

For the past five years, the band’s frontwoman and songwriter Keeley has been publishing a blog with a devoted global following – ‘The Keeley Chronicles.’   She is documenting the many facets of this unique, harrowing and mysterious case, correcting the falsely published details of Inga’s life and piecing together what happened in the final days of her trip. By working in close quarters with Northern Irish police, senior politicians and Inga’s legal representatives in Northern Ireland in concerted efforts to advance and resolve this notorious case, she is keeping the memory of this beautiful and mysterious soul alive.

“Inga is the subject of everything I write. From the moment I first read about her exactly five years ago now, her cause became a burning obsession for me. Since that day, I haven’t written a song about anyone or anything else… I consider myself a concept artist, and my purpose is to give Inga a voice,” says Keeley.

Dimple Discs is a new Peckham label with deep Irish music connections, founded in 2018 by Damian O’Neill of The Undertones and Brian O’Neill, initially as a vehicle for Damian’s solo projects. It has grown to encompass such artists as The Undertones, Cathal Coughlan, Kev Hopper, Eileen Gogan and Nick Haeffner with forthcoming archive material from Microdisney and Fatima Mansions. 

“We are thrilled to have Keeley joining us as she is an exciting new talent – we were hooked from the opening bars of ‘The Glitter And The Glue.’ Welcome to the family, Keeley!” says Brian O’Neill.

Already recording new works at Darklands Audio in Dublin, where Fontaines D.C. recorded their first album, Keeley looks forward to releasing this ‘Brave Warrior’ EP on June 18. It can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp with ‘Glitter and The Glue’ being offered for immediate download with any order.


Bandcamp https://keeleysound.bandcamp.com/track/the-glitter-and-the-glue

 ‘The Glitter and the Glue’ https://youtu.be/NQf4Cvejq-8 

‘Last Words’ https://youtu.be/zQ-deYzBmBc 

Pre-order https://keeleysound.bandcamp.com/album/brave-warrior-ep

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