Albert The Painter

Irish underground music icons DAVID LONG and SHANE O’NEILL present their new video for ‘Albert The Painter’, a beautiful song based on Hermann Hesse‘s short story ‘The Painter’ about a refugee who prefers to walk the roads alone, gaining inspiration for his creations. In this video, the film footage (now colourised), filmed in Ireland at the turn of last century, blend’s with Hesse’s own artwork.

The duo’s debut album ‘Moll & Zeis’, includes 11 gorgeous offerings from these legacy artists. Having fronted successful 1980’s post-punk / indie rock bands INTO PARADISE and BLUE IN HEAVEN, it’s great to see them still creating genuinely invigorating new music. With such a legacy behind them and having put out both this stunning long-player and 2 gorgeous EPs shortly before that (my absolute favourite releases of 2021) – all eyes (and ears) should be on these first-rate artists.

‘Albert The Painter’ 
‘Moll & Zeis’ LP 
‘Moll & Zeis’ single 
‘Earth Moves’ 
‘Dreams Come’ 
‘Far From Home’ 
‘Dreams Come’ EP
‘Far From Home’ EP 

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