Sugar är en fantastisk inspelning.

We would have an excellent band if Michael Been had been from Bollnäs instead of Oklahoma, and Marianne Faithful had contributed vocals alongside Arcade Fire.

That is speculative fiction. Here are the facts, nothing but the facts.

MFMB is a band founded in 2005 in Bollnäs, Sweden. 

They are currently bouncing between Malmö and Stockholm.

The band consists of six members:

Joakim Lindberg (he/him) – guitars

Vic Narin (they/them) – vocals

Christine Björk (she/her) – vocals

Kristoffer Bäckström (he/him) – drums

Erik Nilsson (he/him) – drums

Sebastian Hedberg (he/him) – bass

Their new album Sugar is seven years in the making, marking nine years since their last full-length release, Colossus (2013).

It has been a bumpy ride.

The tours following Colossus took their toll, leaving MFMB in a state of relational friction.

Work on a new album began.

A consensus decided that composing songs should be democratic.

With each member contributing something creative to the mix.

Further tension followed this resolution.

They were not always the best of friends.

Priorities changed.

Members quit, then joined again.

It was never easy.

You can hear it on the new album, Sugar.

Every song results from differing opinions fighting it out until they reach a compromise.

Every fine detail meticulously tended to.

It is the new yet familiar sound of MFMB, ringing purer than ever before.

The resulting album, Sugar, was written, recorded and produced in Studio Sickan in Malmö, which the band’s guitarist Joakim Lindberg runs.

Now, here are a few words from the band.

“This one, just kind of, fell into place, all by itself. It was very early in the process of making the new album, and we thought that maybe the whole thing would be this easy. Just let the songs finish themselves; it’s a cakewalk! We were very wrong. Sugar did, however, set the standard (as well as the title) for the rest of the album. 

“It’s about the weight of existence and the deceptive allure of taking the easy way out.”

The recent focus single ‘Harvest.’ has a new cut as a dark and more ambient offering, focusing more on the darker and atmospheric energy they have been cultivating in their absence.

Speaking about ‘Harvest,’ the band describes it as “A song about the fear of losing it all. Harvest established the specific kind of gloomy ambience that we wanted for the record as a whole. We’re very fond of the guitar solo in this one. Right at the end. It’s a nugget.”

Ending this decade-long hiatus, the members of MFMB have remained highly prolific throughout the last few years. With many pursuing their projects and guitarist Joakim Lindberg becoming one of Sweden’s most in-demand producers, working with Hey ElbowSpunsugarThis Is Head and many more. Now is the time to see the group return to the head of the pack as they plan for new material to come over the next few months.

MFMB are also notorious for their blistering live performances. The mixture of dual drummers and two lead singers has given the band a distinctly raw and visceral sound, which we have long missed in their absence.

MFMB‘s new album ‘Sugar‘ is available to stream and download from the 25th of March via Adrian Recordings.

The closer on this album, Six-figure Income, is nothing short of epic. I would love to see MFMB live and close the show with this number. Which will happen first, them touring western Canada or me touring Sweden? I think the money would land on me travelling to Sweden and spending some time with family living there.

It’s incredible music anyway that you hear it, live, streamed, or physical copies.

Sugar är en fantastisk inspelning.

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